selling blythe dolls! help?

7th. Sep, 2007 | 08:52 am

i know some of you are into blythe. i have two dolls i am looking to sell, as i have way too many hobbies. they are being neglected.

they don't have boxes, but they do have all their clothes/accessories. i have never used them or really had a chance to play with them at all. they merely sat on the shelf for a couple years.

one is a "groovy groove", and the other is a "tweedly do".

where do you think is the best place to sell these, and about how much should one ask for one, if it's w/o a box? is ebay good? or are there other good places?


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6th. Apr, 2007 | 08:17 am

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goodbye livejournal!

22nd. Jul, 2006 | 05:17 pm
feelin': hopeful hopeful

it's been a good run.

i've been a livejournal user for hmm, four years? it's been a good run, but i'm feeling like i want to move on to bigger and better things!

now i'm moving over to a wordpress blog, at

i plan on sticking around on livejournal in some capacity, to comment on and view the blogs of some of my friends here, but this is effectively my last post. wow! the end of an era.

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keep on keeping on, my loves.

tricia royal

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