selling blythe dolls! help?

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7th. Sep, 2007 | 08:52 am

i know some of you are into blythe. i have two dolls i am looking to sell, as i have way too many hobbies. they are being neglected.

they don't have boxes, but they do have all their clothes/accessories. i have never used them or really had a chance to play with them at all. they merely sat on the shelf for a couple years.

one is a "groovy groove", and the other is a "tweedly do".

where do you think is the best place to sell these, and about how much should one ask for one, if it's w/o a box? is ebay good? or are there other good places?


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petronella danforth

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from: mylaar
date: 7th. Sep, 2007 - 04:11 pm

i'm a member of a private blythe forum -- i can put a message there on your behalf if you like. there's also the large public this is blythe forum (TIB)where you can sell dolls. ebay is probably the best in terms of selling to a stranger because TIB doesn't really have a feedback system. (i know most of the people on the private forum so i would feel comfortable recommending them as buyers.)

as for prices, there's a database that as far as i know is pretty current.

groovy groove is here:
tweedly do is here:

those prices are mostly for dolls that have never been removed from their box, but in my opinion having the clothes/accessories is more important than the box anyway. you can also do an ebay search for recent sales to get an idea of the going rate.

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making something out of nothing.

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from: pintuck
date: 7th. Sep, 2007 - 04:52 pm

thanks for all the tips (both of you!). i knew someone would know! :P

i think i may try ebay b/c it would be easiest, maybe?

interestingly, i just looked up "tweedly do" and saw this listing:

they started it at 99cents and it's already over $100, and she seems to be nekkid! is that normal? i know not too much about this sort of thing!

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